Green walls let you live & breathe easy in your home or office!

Also known as living walls, bio-walls, eco-walls, or vertical gardens – green walls are an engineered system of plants grown on a vertical plane. Green walls create a dramatic statement for both exterior and interior applications, allowing individuals to breathe clean air anywhere.

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Green wall expertise at your fingertips

Our experienced green wall designers work closely with architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, and owners to create the future of green space. The Greenstreet GreenWalls team provides a turn-key solution from design through installation, while offering a full product guarantee with customizable maintenance programs for both residential and commercial properties.

Health & Well-being

According to the World Health Organization, indoor air pollution can be attributed to 3.8 million premature deaths annually by noncommunicable diseases due to air particulates. Some benefits our green wall system provides include: improved air quality with increased oxygen and humidity levels, increased mental health of occupants, reduction of occupant stress, decreased physical illness, while providing a solution to biophilic design.

Cost Savings

Building managers and owners are always looking for the easiest way to lower operational costs. Our green walls not only raise property value but also increase leasing interests for potential occupants. They also decrease building temperatures, protect building façade, increase energy and employee efficiency, while also allowing potential branding and marketing opportunities.

Environmental Impact

We are aware of the benefits that plants have on our environment, whether it is providing the oxygen we breathe or the comfort we desire. The innovative design of a green wall will create benefits in the areas we inhabit daily, to include reduction of noise pollution, wind impact, and the urban heat island effect, while increasing local ecosystem biodiversity, as well as developing wastewater management solutions and urban agricultural opportunities.

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